Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Taiyou no uta. :)

im just finish watching this movie. and i love it! here is the synopsis

A girl who can only live at night and a high school student who loves to surf as the sun rises...The two had nothing in common...Kaoru Amane, 16 years old, did not attend school but instead sang herself away every night after dark at a square in front of a train station with a guitar in her hands. She led a lifestyle opposite the norm, sleeping during the day and active at night. Kaoru was suffering from xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), an illness, which also might be described as the allergy to the sun, and was not allowed to be exposed to sunlight. The only motivation in her life was singing, which also was the only connection to the outside world. One day, an incident drastically changes her life...Kaoru returns home at 4:00 am, before sunrise. Outside her room window, she spots a high school student standing with a surf board in his hands. It becomes her routine to watch him and his friends come and go to the ocean every morning, before going to sleep. Their destined encounter takes place during the few hours before the break of day, drawing together two individuals that would have never met in daylight. However, Kouji does not know about her illness. The two rapidly fall for one another and continues to meet in the city at night. Then one day, an incident leads Kouji to learn of Kaoru's illness. Kaoru gives up her first love telling herself that, "I shouldn't have allowed myself to dream of a happy life. I am not normal after all." She even gives up singing. Kouji seeing Kaoru at such a state encourages her by suggesting, "Let's meet only at night," and comes up with a brilliant present for her. She had been leading a life carefully placing herself beyond the reach of harm, with no intent to pursue a dream. However, Kouji had shone a light on her heart making her want to sing once again. However, her illness which has quietly progressed, has started to pressure her nerve system, keeping her from playing the guitar at her will...

First and foremost, i would like to apoligize for quite a delay for this movie. Second apology for not being able to hardsub or typeset the movie - gomennasai. It's been very busy with my academic life recently (October is the end of our semester and i can feel the rush of deadlines coming..). Anyway, why did i acquire this movie? One of my favorite JPop Icons - YUI - stars in this movie. Heck, being a fan of her for almost a year (from the release of her single "Life", yea the Bleach anime ending song) i was surprised that it's her first acting role - so i really should have this :P Honestly, I haven't fully watched the movie...got no time recently - but while i skim through the time bar of the player, I can tell that Yui did a good job as Kaoru Amane (it really suits her). The parts where she performed in the streets reminds me of Yui's early days when she performs - sitting in the floor having only a guitar and her voice - that's her very natural stance in performing (if you watch some of her lives, she performs like that; and that stance also landed her in a professional career). Go download it - it's a tearjerker, by the way - it's a very good movie nevertheless. And oh, enjoy the other parts i acquired and uploaded that is related to the movie.

btw, i would like to share the theme song .

Sunday, August 15, 2010

i am fragile but i am not perfect :)


baby day is rarely to come :). suppose to tomorrw is my Submission for suria hotel project. So i ni yang jenis suka buat preparation last minute, so today i siapkan lah blow up section. suppose to be the submission is last thursday, then sir amin and miss mawar gave us extra time and decided to have a submission on the coming monday. then masa tu i fikir, ok ada masa then boleh buat bagi perfect. tapi tak pun. vain. suddenly i received a message, the inbox state the name by Encik Amin.

THUR : SLM N Attn ba03s : due to unavoidable c"stances 2moro"s id submission is postpone to thur , 19th aug, pl fwd to all,TQ

i pun , apalagi. SHOUTTTTTT excitedly lah. haha. thnks god, at least ada masa lgi. then total extend submission is about a week lah kan. kira sir amin and miss mawar bagi extend sampai seminggu. hah. i love my lecture!! hehe. so i still have enough time. tapi mesti miss mawar expect the best dari kitorang. yelah, dah sampai seminggu extend kan. w it is, thnk you encik amin and puan mawar. YAY!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bitter and sweet

Hi. Today is my special post . Everything about my boyfriend. Ahmad Nasri Zakwan. i pernah bagitau dia yang i akn buat special post tentang dia. no added gossip selain dari dia bila i akn tulis blog about him and everything is about him. the bitter and the sweet. :). Kawan kawan i ramai tanaya macam mana sebenarnya i kenal zakwan. actually i kenal dia masa i after spm kerja dekat sacc mall as a cashier cold storage. :). Sebelum i kerja dekat cold storage, i kerja dekat the store as a promoter untuk brand MV. i lupa. i rasa MV guys shirt kot. haha. tak famous kan brand tu. then i lari dari kerja because i tak tahan dengan mulut supervisor that is salina ak.a gemuk. :( i penah kene tenggking dgn dia. its not fair bukan salah i. i takkan lupa laghi, then i lari terus esoknya tak dtg kerja. hah. then i menganggur dekat rumah. everyday is eat day.

sebenrnya i pun takfaham kenapa masa tu i gila sgt nak kerja sana sini. sometimes i fikir dahlah asyik kene marah je time kerja baik jadi bos kan. :).
ok continue, then tiba tiba didi , one of my best bebiss call i "
Weh nak cari kerja tak, Jom teman aku cari kerja". thenn i pun tak tau kenapa mengada sgt ikutlah didi sebab i pun rasa macam nak kerja lgi, then we went into Sacc mall, at ground floor, didi cakap ada kerja kosong, then i pun ikut jelah apa didi suruh. we went into an interview and terus dapat kerja . masa tu i and didi excited gila because dapat kerja even we know that the salary for one month RM600 je. haha. then esoknya i and didi start kerja, we learn a new things. maturality. den kira duit and i rasa kaya gila. everyday dapat 5k kot kira sales. haha. ok nak tahu apa kaitan SACC mall And my relation with zakwan ?? the story is start when, masa tu dah seminggu la i dgn didi kerja kat sacc mall. during recess, i and didi makan dekat Secret, then suddenly didi mention about one guy yang kerja kat situ. didi bagitahu "Weh, ex schoolmateaku masa kat section 2 ahh. malu gila". then i tnya " yang mana satu ". then didi point dekat one waiter yang kerja kat situ, jehan miskin look, and has very thick eyebrow and url eyelash." actually masa tu i dah macam debar debar dah. cheeh, berdebar debar i tak tu knapa i rasa berdebar, then he just look at didi and me. i macam give him a flirty smile hahahah. haha. then i macam suka because of his eye. after 20minute , he came to us and serve us. awww:)) Macam mana i boleh Kenal dia? ceritanya macam ni. masa i tgh kerja, dia selalu turun bawah nak beli susu. first smile i bagi dekat dia, masa dia pergi dkat row i nak bayar. then bilasampai turn di, i pun dgn berani tegur, hey. u yang kerja kat secret atas tu kan . even i dah nampak dia pakai uniform secret, perluke i tnya dia kerja secret. aa maluu. masa tu i gagap gagap plus malu, sebenarnya, then i saja tegur. then he gave me smile and just nodded his head like " YA, taknampak ke uniform aku pakai ni ". masa tu i rasa malu. then aftr that incidence, dia selalu turun bleli susu and pisang, i rasa mungkin untuk secret stock kot. yela susu mana boleh biar lama lama. tak tau lah kat backkitchen secret tak ada fridge. tapi yang pasati i taksabar nak tunggu saat dia turun. after dididah quit dari kerja, even masa first fisrt semangat nak kerja then terus fikir " lah setakat 600 bapak aku pun boleh bagi. " didi decide quit dari situ. hehe. then suddenly amira new worker masuk kerja. and amira acrtually i kenal masa kat the store jugak. dia pun lari dari tmpat tu, maybe because taktahan kot dgn mulut supervisor kat situ. ;). then amira acrtually sekolah sama dengan the guy yang i admire tu. then masa tu i and amira saja ponteng ekerja and pg makan chocholate, terserempak dgn that guy. :)and that guy tegur amira. first i memang jealous sgt sgt sgt. knapa tak tegur i je. aaa. :((. then suddenly amira told me somthing yang for me, it precious word.

" nadia, kawan amira suka dekat awak". i pun malu malu. jawab. eh taklah. amira ni jgnlah. :)))))))))) and i wish dia tak ada girlfriend masa tu. :(

then sampailah satu masa when one of kakak yuang kerja dekat chasier tu jugaka namanya "kak ima," bagi number phone, the paper is written by zakwan with phonme number 0129272591. aa. masa tu i tanya kak ima eh sapa ni kak. then kak ima point dari jauh dekat one guy, kak ima cakap. " ni ha ada orang bagi number telfon dekat nadia. masa tu i regonize sapa lelaki tu. aaaa. its HE that i adore most. :) then masa rehat i terus msg dia. kelaka. masa tu i excited sgt. i rasa macam i comel sebab ada orang suka i. hahhahah. then everynight dia msg i, call i and dedicate one song dekat i. "kerna ku sayang kamu by dygta" memang everyday inyanyi tau lagu tu. first time. i takpernah dapat . everuday dia akn jumpa i after kerja. ah. i rasa comel. then we start our love converstion and asking me either i ada boyfriend or tak. tapi masa tu i anggap dia tak da girlfriendtapi i dapt tahu from one of my frind yang dia ada girlfriend name FARAH HANAN. and i sedih masa tu. then we just keep silent sampailah i masuk matrix melaka, first day i masg dia " I now kat matric melaka". then he reply with "congratulation". then the next story, i and zakawn berbaik and i dapat tahu between he and farah is nothing. he have done with farah. and habis dimaki maki farah. because he told me yang farah tu mengatal and ada lelaki lain. farah tak loyal lah apa lah. i pun macam. ok fine. then we start the new relation with the title "couple" sampai lah sekarang. now he love me the way i am. he praise me.he gave me support, and he is everything for me after family.

zakwan takpernah tinggalkan i, selalu pujuk i. i bangga dengan zakwan because of hispationate and loyalty eventhough i dapat tahu yang zakwan contact dengan one girl name " HAQIMA" . i memang susah nak maffkan, but zakwan dah promise i yang dia takkan contact lagi Qima.even it hard for me to accept, tapi i terima juga zakwan. because i know, i am the only one for him. Sayang thank you for everything. this is the most longest post. just because of you.
After about one year i kenal zakwan, he is actuallya funny guy, he really funny. always make me laugh and jarang nak marah, even i tau i ayng kuat marah sebenarnya. he love to make me laugh, and he gave me ring!! im wearing it until now. :)

I love the way he smile :)

And he love to make me smile. weee

P/s: sayang, thank you for everything


yeah im fergile. haha. after a long journey nak siapkan assignment untuk hotel project, finally, i berejaya nak siapkan. ja ja ja ja( pronounce it in german ):p. well. kerja yang i buat i think is not good enough eventhough i rasa still have to improvein way of rendering the structure. :). suppose to the submission of the assignment is the last thursday, tapi memandangkan, sir amin and puan mawar suruh ubah the height of groundfloor,so they give us extra time untuk siapkan. but final decision, submission is this MONDAY. siap and complete. i still tak siapkan section blow p lagi. demm. tapi i tak tau knapa i cool. this project carry about 40% . tgklah esok mesti i kelam kabut nak siapkan semua benda. :) . biasalah, selalunya orang last last minute tulah nak siapkan kerja. and i selalu terfikir " Ahh menyesalnya tidor, kalau tak mesti kerja dah siap." tapi sesal pun tak guna submission is submission, no excuses. :)

P/s : my life is beatifully Imperfect. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


And im free to do anything. :) kegilaan malam malam nak siapkan kerja. :))

Monday, August 9, 2010

Damn you for trusting me
what's wrong with you?
I'll work for nothing less.

Damn you for accepting my immaturity
when I scream for silence
child, I'll work for nothing less.

I need patience, and someone strong enough to hold my breath for me until the smoke clears.

I need patience, and time to think before I speak, for when I'm short of breath, I tend to lie.

Damn you for letting me sleep till noon
and get away with it.
I'll work for nothing less.

Damn you for keeping quiet when I lied to you
I won't work for anything less.

I need patience, and someone strong enough to hold my breath for me until the smoke clears.

I need patience, and time to think before I speak, for when I'm short of breath, I tend to lie.



skype-ing, webcam-ing with zakwan . i love it. i dapat tengok muka sememeh u sayang. and its not good to see your background dengan kawan u pakai boxes. :(. next time please give me nice background sayang. what ever. i and zakawn talk about a lot of things. we talk about academic alll the time.. cheeh taklah,after 4 hours skype and talk about the same things again and again, . zakwan asking me either i boleh tunggu 5 minit o tak because i masa tu exhaust sanagt. then after 5 minit he show me something.
tadaaa. hehe. i dari mengatukterus terbangun. i terkejut. i ingat apa yang zakwan suruh i tunggu sampai 5 minit. cute kan. just look at lidi girl. itu i ke ? hahah. rambut i kejang kan. plus. zakwan, u patut draw gamba i macam model because i macam model. haha! w it is, thank you sayang. u make me cry. awuuhhh. :)

anyway, sayang, i love your brow. and beauty eyelash. make me jealous. he is my bulu bulu . and please dont take him from me. :P.


hey. this post i seriously dedicate to my studiomate. :). i nak minta maaf because i tak boleh join homestay hari tu because i ada masalah yang tak dapat dielakkan.:). then i hope you all learn something new kat sana.i heard from nafiseh, you all main layang layang kan. i penah main layang layang, tapi tak pernah naik. maybe because tak lari laju kot. :) anyway. i minta maaf tak ikut hari tu.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Red Lips

One of my best bebiss have ask me one question.

" nadia , macam mana you pakai red lipstick dekat lips u?" i penah try nak pakai. but its not suit for me."

and i reply with
" sayang, before you nak apply red lipstic onto your lips, u have to love that colur. baru u akan rasa satisfied"

she said
" i do. but sometimes i rasa macam tak suka "

i reply
" baby, you should know something. red is the sign of sexy.then cleverness is sexy" :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mr Krokroshhhit

The story start when I nak balik dari kelas. then i pun punggah lah cari my purse because nak keluarkan matric card uitm i. i korek korek and gali gali dalam beg still tak dapat rasa matric card. so i decided to stop and cari jap dalam beg. then i stop at bangunan bulat near the car park ( even dah setahun kat uitm, i still tak tau nama bangunan tu apa. I panggil Bangunan Bulat je :D.) i punggah habis lah beg i. . first first i rasa macam something yang bulu bulu. then i ambik . IT"s LIPAS!. eyuw.i jerit and luckly tade orang dengar. haha. malu kot. then i start thinking. clumsy nadia. how come ada lipas pulak dalam beg. haha. faham faham Jelah.

suddenly, i saw one girl. i macam kenal lah. then she smile at me and say HEY NADOO. ( i heard something like that' becuse only she she woul call me like that. then i pun regonizze betul betul. SYA!!. i shout at her and she do the same thing. its about 8 month i takjumpa dia. eventhough we are in the same faculty but still its hard for me to see her. we gave our best friendship hugging, exciting conversation. i praise her for her sliimingness change . and she told me thae same thing too. haha. ( i tak kurus pun. just because im wearing a black tops ,scarf, and dark blue jeans, it make me look like a model i think ). i call her with the name of sya . she got a very beautifull name . really. i love it. her name is ACACIA MARDIANA. best tak nama dia. best kan. :).we are rushing because she got a class and i have to go home. she told me that she have done with azif and got anew boyfriend, ohh im sorry baby. i tak tau pun u dah tak dengan azif. but nevermine. you already got new. so mesti lagi faham you kan. :) and we end our conversation with a hug and she tell me that please roger roger if nak lepaking. we are going to lepaking sama sama whenever ada masa. and i reply with . chiil je. :)

SYA!!! :))

Monday, August 2, 2010

1 .07 pm

today is zakwan birthday. geez. nothing much to celebrate it because he is now far away from me now. so i have to wait for this coming saturday untuk celbarate his birthday. yay. i think about what present should i give him. :) so i think, what about swatch? shoukld i? :)